New England Trade, Inc.

Bartering is a simple easy way to bring new customers to your business. Since 1980, New England Trade, Inc. has been a leader in business-to-business barter, and is one of the top barter exchanges in the country. As the oldest independently owned and operated trade exchange in New England, members gain a competitive edge over their competition by using barter to attract new business, move excess inventory, offset cash expenses, increase revenue, and reward employees.

Barter is an ingenious idea that does not conflict or hinder your cash business; it enhances it by providing an entirely new avenue to gain added revenue and grow your business!


How It Works

An Alternate Form of Currency

New England Trade, Inc. members simply agree to accept an alternate form of currency as payment - Trade Dollars.

Business Solution

Bartering, also known as trading, is a powerful tool that represents a solution for companies with available inventory or services.

Unrivaled Support

A New England Trade, Inc. “Trade Broker” works with you to bring your company new sales and increase market share.

Additional Distribution Network

New England Trade, Inc. provides you with an additional distribution network with over 1,800 card holders, continuously growing.

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