Authorization Methods

There is more than one way to obtain an authorization number when making a barter transaction.


Members can go to or to submit a transaction for authorization.  All you need is your account number, the buyer’s account number, the amount, and a short description.

New England Trade Barter App:

Download the free New England Trade app

To log in to the app, simply use your Marketplace username and password. To obtain an authorization, simply have the same information needed as any other form. Your account number will already be displayed in the Seller’s Account field.  Fill in the other necessary information, have the buyer sign at the bottom with their finger, and off you go!

Available on iTunes store or Google Play – Works on most phones and tablets.

Download the App
Download the App

Automated Line: 888-784-4888

Allows you to make an authorization or to check your account balance simply by dialing 888-784-4888. Have your account number ready, along with the buyer’s account number and the amount.

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