Refunds or Exchanges of scrip and gift certificates will only be made within 60 days of sale. We will not exchange or refund expired scrip. We will not be liable for any scrip not honored after sixty (60) days of purchase. Ski passes & Entertainment tickets are Non-Refundable. We reserve the right to limit all accounts to a maximum of $100 per restaurant in any 30 day period.

General Guidelines with returns:

  • As a general rule, we will accept returns for any reason within 60 days. This is our business policy.
  • Ski passes & Entertainment tickets, sporting tickets are Non-Refundable/non exchangeable for any reason after your order is processed.
  • We recommend you only purchase scrip/ gift certificates as needed
  • If a business goes “out of business” we will only accept returns purchased within 60 days, if you bought it longer than 60 days ago you will need to deal directly with the restaurant or in the event of Bankruptcy, as you would as a creditor.
  • Be courteous to other trade members, only a limited amount of scrip is sold each month, only purchase what you need. In many cases we could have sold what you bought to another member, buy only what you intend to use over the next 60 days.