Membership Fees

Free Membership for 2022

New England Trade is a commissioned sales force for your company. We bring you new business through the exchange and earn our commission on that business through transaction fees. If we do not perform, no transaction fees are due. In addition, when we bring you new business, you generate Trade Dollars that you can use to offset cash expenses.

Membership is free* to establish your business account. Transaction and modest monthly fees cover accounting, marketing, promotions, and member services.

7.5% on all transactions

$15.00 cash and $15.00 trade

Maintenance Fees are waived for the first 90 days, if you do not receive new sales we will not charge any fees until you have made transactions. For a complete list of all fees applicable to an account, see Statement of Fees

*The standard enrollment fee for New England Trade is a one‐time charge of $299.00. This fee is being waived for all new members who join in 2022.

Increase Sales

Your company will enjoy additional sales to motivated buyers looking for barter opportunities from within the trade network. Businesses trade to purchase what they need

Business-to-Business Bartering

A membership-based community of businesses who buy and sell their products and services without using cash!