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New England Trade offers Innovative Solutions to save you cash and grow your business

More and more businesses are gaining new customers and growing their boƩom line faster through New England Trade, Inc. A business-to-business trade exchange.

As a member of New England Trade, Inc. your business can access a large market of member companies that choose to do business with you, first – before considering your competitors; And through New England Trade, Inc. , you’ll find a full range of marketing opportunities, operational expenditures, and advertising media to increase your business profile and effectively build your brand – without paying cash. Businesses of all sizes and industries benefit.

Top Reasons to Barter

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Move Excess Inventory
  • Trade for Employee Incentives
  • No Discounting like Groupon
  • Networking with other business owners
  • Buy from Locally Owned Businesses
  • Tap an Alternate Form of Financing
  • Convenient Bookkeeping of Transactions
  • Managed Business Relationship
  • Save 50% or more on Every Purchase!
“I use New England Trade as a way to keep my crews busy during slow periods and to fill gaps in our schedule during busier seasons.”

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

Businesses Served

Years in Business

Member Transactions

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Who’s Trading

“New England Trade has been a part of my family’s business for as long as I can remember. Our membership has continuously presented us with unique and valuable opportunities to connect with new companies and experiences for our staff and employees. We are genuinely grateful for their continued advocacy and support.”
Wayside Trailers

Member Since: 1993

“I have been a member of New England Trade for many years, and I always look forward to the yearly Barter Expo. I trade my services with other members regularly and I am able to use trade Dollars locally and while visiting other parts of Massachusetts. Some of my favorite restaurants are trade members! My account broker is always a joy, and they always plan great networking events!! ”
Law Office Of J. Daniel Silverman

Member Since: 2016

“I have been a member for over 10 years. I have been able to use trade for my personal and business needs. I have taken vacations, attended Red Sox and Celtics games. I have use trade at numerous restaurants and have had catering done at my house for different parties. I have used trade at my stores and rentals properties for my pest controls.”
Edible Arrangements

Member Since: 2009

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