How it Works

A barter exchange is a third-party record keeper, providing members with monthly statements of their barter transactions. New England Trade, Inc. members are simply agreeing to accept an alternate form of currency as payment, providing you with an additional distribution network to grow your business. Members are able to purchase any product or service within the New England Trade, Inc. network through their trade account — products or services do not have to be directly exchanged.

Goods & Services


Who’s Trading?


Selling Your Goods & Services

Making a barter transaction within the New England Trade, Inc. network is similar to a typical business transaction, using Trade dollars as the payment method.

New England Trade, Inc. will increase your sales by introducing you to new customers, all while offsetting downtime and moving excess inventory. With this new revenue stream, your earned trade dollars from barter transactions will increase your bottom line.

Your New England Trade, Inc. membership includes valuable tools to effectively market your goods and services to other exchange members through:

  • Dedicated Trade Broker Relationship
  • Exclusive Members Online Marketplace
  • Weekly E-Mails Highlighting Trade Opportunities
  • Personalized Spotlight E-Mails
  • Monthly Newsletters and Promotional Mailings
  • Increased Brand Awareness Through Our Social Media Platforms

For over 35 years, members of New England Trade, Inc. prefer to spend trade dollars over cash. This gives you a competitive edge over your competition, by being a member of the Ultimate Business Network.

Monthly Statements

Members receive a monthly account statement detailing all barter transactions, simplifying the tracking of your sales and purchases. As a third-party record keeper, all sales are reported annually on Form 1099-B. No different than other financial institutions you work with; New England Trade, Inc. records trading transactions pursuant to IRS guidelines. All transactions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of New England Trade, Inc.

Click here to review a PDF monthly statement.

For more information on the tax treatment on barter purchases, click here .

Buying Goods & Services

Making a purchase is simple – log in to our interactive Marketplace to see the goods and services available, on trade!

New England Trade, Inc. has Certified Trade Brokers available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM to assist in your bartering needs.

Identify your business and personal cash expenditures. Then, peruse the Members Only Marketplace and examine the wide variety and ever-growing list of members that comprise New England Trade, Inc. to offset those expenditures.

Need help thinking outside of the box? Contact your Trade broker. They are here to help grow your business and utilize your trade dollars as efficiently as possible.

Every member account can designate card holders within their business, providing access to the offerings available within the barter network. As a New England Trade, Inc. card holder, join a community of businesses that exercise an alternate form of currency to create a competitive advantage, while growing your business.

Business Wanted

  • Restaurants
  • Limousines
  • Painters – Residential and Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Florists
  • Bakeries
  • Shipping Companies
  • And More!

The Marketplace

  • Browse the Member Directory
    Learn which businesses are in your barter network, as well as search through the various listings of goods & services available at 100% trade!
  • Travel Reservations
    Looking to go on a vacation? Explore the assorted travel options available through New England Trade, Inc.! Upon selecting a location, simply fill out a travel request form and your Trade broker will be in contact with you.
  • Trade Authorizations
    Generate an authorization number 24/7 for trade transactions.


  • Order Gift Certificates
    Gift certificates are available to order on the Marketplace. Ranging anywhere from restaurants to health club memberships to entertainment events, and more!
  • Create & View Classified Ads
    Do not overlook this section – special items available for sale can be found here!
  • Account Information
    View account information, as well as trading history, all on the Marketplace. Additionally, your monthly statements can be viewed with the push of a button.

Swipe Technology

New England Trade, Inc. membership cards, as well as gift cards, are equipped with swipe technology. This technology began our efforts into modernizing the way individuals barter in the 21st century. Acting like a debit card, New England Trade, Inc. members are able to go into participating locations that are equipped with swipe-terminals and pay with their membership card. This seamless process allows for funds to be automatically withdrawn from your trade account into the seller’s account, creating a real-time transaction. Swipe technology enables users to enjoy a faster and more modern experience while using the age-old tactic of barter!

New England Trade Mobile App

Download the free New England Trade Mobile App specifically designed for cardholders.

Currently, the app allows members to make instant authorizations for trade transactions right at their fingertips. Barter anytime, anywhere with the Barter app!

Available on the App Store and Google Play.