How It Works

How Barter Works


New England Trade provides businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transactions.

How does bartering work with an exchange?

New England Trade works to bring you new sales and increased market share, reduced inventory, and minimized cash outlay for everyday business expenses.

We provide you with an alternate distribuƟon network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transacƟons. You can charge retail value for goods and services in barter dollars instead of selling them for reduced cash rates or having them go unsold.

We act as a third-party records keeper, providing clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales and current barter dollar balance.

Benefits Of Bartering With New England Trade

Increase Sales

Expose your company to hundreds of other local businesses and gain business you likely would not have received otherwise.

Conserve Cash

Use trade credits to buy things you would normally pay for in cash.


Gain a Competitive Edge

New England Trade members will use your services over your competitor’s because of the incentive to do business with trade dollars instead of cash.


Choose From a Variety of Services

New England Trade acts as a central trade bank within a barter network, which means you can trade with anyone instead of just trading one-to-one.

Acquire New Cash Business

A job well done through New England Trade means more word-of-mouth advertising and increased cash sales.

Increase Productivity

Unused services don’t make money. Trade your excess inventory to those who want it and will return to do business again and again.

Benefits of Barter

By bartering goods and services within the membership network, New England Trade also helps businesses increase sales, build customer loyalty, and tap into new markets, all while con-
serving cash flow.

Businesses save needed cash reserves by using barter dollars earned from selling products or services to other member businesses. A business membership lets you purchase products direct from other businesses, such as:


  • Media advertising
  • Travel and entertainment
  • Health and fitness opportunities
  • Many other professional services

Barter with Goods & Services

A barter exchange is a third-party record keeper, providing members with monthly statements of their barter transactions. New England Trade, Inc. members are simply agreeing to accept an alternate form of currency as payment, providing you with an additional distribution network to grow your business. Members are able to purchase any product or service within the New England Trade, Inc. network through their trade account — products or services do not have to be directly exchanged.

Member Testimonials

“New England Trade has been a part of my family’s business for as long as I can remember. Our membership has continuously presented us with unique and valuable opportunities to connect with new companies and experiences for our staff and employees.

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We are genuinely grateful for their continued advocacy and support.”

Wayside Trailers Member Since: 1993

I have been a member of New England trade for over ten years. I have reaped the benefits of this trade organization for many years and I am happy to continue to do so for many more to come. I have used my account for such a wide range of items for

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  my personal benefit as well as  my business. pest control, dining out to numerous locations, waterparks, staff holiday parties you name it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly fast service that is always provided with the they are just fantastic. I always look forward to traveling to some of the great spots they have, I am always excited to see what new products, and places are available. Definitely happy to be a member, as well as a business owner that backs this trade company.

La Qchara&T’ahpas 529Member Since 2010

I have been a member of New England Trade for many years, and I always look forward to the yearly Barter Expo. I trade my services with other members regularly and I am able to use trade Dollars locally and while visiting other parts of Massachusetts.

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Some of my favorite restaurants are trade members! My account broker is always a joy, and they always plan great networking events!!

Law Office Of J. Daniel SilvermanMember Since 2016