Selling Your Goods and Services

Selling Your Goods & Services

Making a barter transaction within the New England Trade, Inc. network is similar to a typical business transaction, using Trade dollars as the payment method.

New England Trade, Inc. will increase your sales by introducing you to new customers, all while offsetting downtime and moving excess inventory. With this new revenue stream, your earned trade dollars from barter transactions will increase your bottom line.

Your New England Trade, Inc. membership includes valuable tools to effectively market your goods and services to other exchange members through:

  • Dedicated Trade Broker Relationship
  • Exclusive Members Online Marketplace
  • Weekly E-Mails Highlighting Trade Opportunities
  • Personalized Spotlight E-Mails
  • Monthly Newsletters and Promotional Mailings
  • Increased Brand Awareness Through Our Social Media Platforms
  • For over 40 years, members of New England Trade, Inc. prefer to spend trade dollars over cash. This gives you a competitive edge over your competition, by being a member of the Ultimate Business Network.