Statement of Fees

Joining Membership Fee: $295.00 Waived for 2022
Trading Commissions: 7.5% per Transaction
Monthly Maintenance: $15.00 Cash & $15.00 Trade

Non Auto-Pay Accounts Monthly Maintenance: $20.00 cash and $20.00 trade

Late Fees: $15.00 cash per month late fee and 1.5% per month finance charge (18% per annum)

Returned Payment Fee: $30.00 cash

Carrying Charge *:
1% trade per month (12% per annum). Applies to negative balances (purchases exceed sales)
* You must apply for a credit line

Travel Reservation Fee:
$10.00 cash reservation fee for New England Trade properties
$20.00 cash reservation fee for out-of-network properties
See Reservation Guidelines for all applicable charges

Mailing Fees for Scrip and Gift Certificates:
All Scrip and Gift Certificates may be picked up at our office at no charge
Most shipments arrive within 2 business days
There is a $2.50 cash mailing fee for all orders up to a value of $300.00
There is a $8.75 cash mailing fee for all orders with a value of over $301.00
Some orders require Priority Shipping