Who We Are

New England Trade, Inc. is a membership-based association of local businesses.  Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using Trade dollars, which are equivalent to U.S. dollars.  When a business sells something, they get $1 in trade credit for every $1 in cash they would normally earn. That trade can then be used anywhere in the network, not just with the business that bought something from you.

A barter exchange is a third-party record keeper, providing members with monthly statements of their barter transactions. New England Trade, Inc. members are simply agreeing to accept an alternate form of currency as payment, providing you with an additional distribution network to grow your business. Members are able to purchase any product or service within the New England Trade, Inc. network through their trade account — products or services do not have to be directly exchanged.

Our community, is made up of successful business owners who maximize their business potential by using barter to offset cash expenses. New customers equal money for your business to pay for supplies and services that are needed to run your daily operations. Businesses of all sizes and industries, take advantage of barter to gain a competitive edge.

When you make a sale your account will be credited in trade credits with the sale price and the buyers account will be debited. You may then spend the credits with other clients in the network. Credits are liquid throughout the network.

The possibilities are endless! New England Trade helps you to increase profits and decrease the cost of doing business.

History of New England Trade

Established in 1980, New England Trade has a rapidly expanding membership, which exceeds 1,000 trading partners. We are one of the fastest growing trade exchanges in the country, handling millions of dollars worth of transactions every year.

Our purpose is to increase our clients’ sales and conserve their cash flow, facilitate trade among clients in an efficient, easy to use, cost effective way and improve their business outlook and enhance their lifestyles.

We provide businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transactions. We help business get new customers, increase profits and save cash while acting as a third party records keeper, providing clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales and current barter dollar balance.

Prestigious Achievements & Awards

  • Founding Member of National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Founding Member of  Barter Association National Currency (BANC)
  • 14 Years+ Board of Directors—National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • 4x President of National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • 10x Treasurer of National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • 2x Board Member of the Year
  • Leadership Award—National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Distinguished Service— National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Innovation & Creativity Award — International Reciprocal Trade Association
  • Certified Trade Brokers— International Reciprocal Trade Association
  • Certified Trade Brokers— National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Master Trade Broker — National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Barter Ambassador— National Association of Trade Exchanges
  • Distinguished Service— International Reciprocal Trade Association

Member Testimonials

“I was skeptical at first about the benefits of joining a barter exchange. However, I have been able to save on both business & personal expenses. The personnel at New England Trade are extremely helpful & friendly and work very hard to try and fill a specific need or request if at all possible.”

Len’s Coffee
Member Since 1988

“I would highly recommend joining New England Trade. The Salem Inn has been a member since we started our business in 1983. We feel this is one trade organization which is respectable and has brought us a lot of business.”

The Salem Inn
Member since 1983

“I use New England Trade as a way to keep my crews busy during slow periods and to fill gaps in our scheduleduring busier seasons.”

Chem Dry On The North Shore
Member Since 1991