Who We Are

New England Trade, Inc. is a membership-based association. Our members buy and sell products and services with other exchange members using Trade dollars, which are equivalent to U.S. dollars.

New England Trade, Inc. acts as a third-party record keeper, just like a bank, providing monthly statements and current dollar balance. All transactions are recorded pursuant to trading procedures, policies, rules and regulations of New England Trade, Inc. and the IRS.

Unlike a bank, however, we connect you directly with other members. New England Trade, Inc. brings you new customers to purchase your products and services with Trade dollars. You can then use those Trade dollars to offset current business expenses by purchasing products and services from other members without using valuable cash resources.

Our office is located in Malden, MA, with trading partners throughout the country.

History of New England Trade

Established in 1980, New England Trade has a rapidly expanding membership, which exceeds 1,000 businesses. We are one of the fastest growing trade exchanges in the country, handling millions of dollars worth of transactions every year.

In 2005 New England Trade helped establish Cape Cod Trade, LLC.

Our purpose is to increase our clients’ sales and conserve their cash flow, facilitate trade among clients in an efficient, easy to use, cost effective way and improve their business outlook and enhance their lifestyles.

Prestigious Achievements & Award

  • National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) – Gary Oshry, President of New England Trade, was presented the Distinguished Service award at the 26th Annual Convention in New Orleans in June 2010. This was awarded to Gary for recognition and appreciation of his dedication to NATE and the barter industry.

    Gary also received a Leadership Award for the presentation he gave on email marketing, web blogs, and new marketing techniques for trade exchanges. Over 30 trade exchanges from all over the United States were in attendance.

  • National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) – Gary Oshry, President of New England Trade, is currently serving on the NATE Board of Directors and has served as President of the association.
  • Barter Association National Currency (BANC) – Gary Oshry is currently serving on the Board of Governors
  • Innovation & Creativity Award – Gary Oshry, Presented by IRTA
  • Barter Ambassador – Presented by NATE
  • Distinguished Service – Presented by IRTA
  • Certified Trade Broker – Presented by NATE
    The NATE Certified Trade Broker Program (CTB) challenges each one of us to strive for the highest level of service to our clients and ensures the continued growth and expansion of our industry.
  • Master Trade Broker – Presented by NATE
    NATE has established standards that provide guidelines for the highest level of professionalism in the barter industry. NATE’s newest accreditation is the Master Trade Broker (MTB) certification and is based on knowledge, experience, and participation for CTB’s wishing to achieve additional certification





National Associations of Trade Exchange (NATE)

We are founding members of this elite group of independently owned and operated trade exchanges. This group of trade exchanges is the leader in education in our industry. This group consists of the most successful barter companies, each year the owners and employees come together for education, new technology, and to keep up-to-date on new laws that affect trade exchanges. Founding Member 1984.

Barter Association National Currency (BANC)

This was the first truly universal barter currency in the world. This enabled barter companies of all sizes to trade with each other on a single trading platform. This group has over 70 members with over 100 offices ­ with a combined base of 50,000 members; this is the largest trading organization in the world. Founding member 1996

Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA)

The MRA provides access, influence and protection to restaurant professionals allowing for the ultimate opportunity to lead thriving businesses. Massachusetts is one of the nation’s most flourishing restaurant environments with over 18,000 restaurants and growing daily. The MRA is the voice of expertise for the restaurant industry in Massachusetts manned with a powerful team of advocates with an impressive reputation. Known as the definitive voice of the state’s restaurant and hospitality industry in city halls and the state Capitol.

Barter News

BarterNews magazine has been the voice of the industry since 1980. It is written by industry practitioners and is regarded worldwide as the voice of the industry.