Forget about daily discount websites such as Groupon and Living Social. Drive business by offering your goods and services at full retail price through a membership with New England Trade, Inc., a leader in business-to-business barter.

Through New England Trade, Inc.,  members gain a competitive edge over their competition by using barter to attract new business, move excess inventory, offset cash expenses, increase revenue, and reward employees. Barter is an ingenious idea that does not conflict or hinder your cash business; it enhances it by providing an entirely new avenue to gain added revenue and grow your business!

Contemplating on joining a barter exchange? Here are six reasons why joining New England Trade, Inc. is a smart business decision:

  1. Increase Market Share
    Create a competitive advantage for your business by utilizing a barter network. New England Trade, Inc. can introduce you to a new marketplace to do business. When a member of the barter network is seeking a product or service, before paying cash somewhere else they will check to see what businesses are within the network that can be used via Trade dollars. From this, your business is more likely to be chosen over a competitor who is not in the barter network, thus improving income, attracting new business, and increasing market share!
  1. Reduce Overhead Costs
    Overhead costs are unavoidable when owning a business. From accounting and legal fees, advertising costs, janitorial services, office furniture, signage, vehicle maintenance, and so forth, these costs can hinder your cash flow. Through New England Trade, Inc. you can offset those cash expenses and utilize your Trade dollars! A restaurant, for example, can benefit by using carpet cleaners, hood cleaners, pest control companies, and so forth that can be found within out network. Save your cash, and take advantage of these services through trade!
  1. Decrease Downtime and Move Excess Inventory
    There will also be a ‘slow’ time for any business. Fill those gaps by taking on Trade business! A hotel, for instance, will have to pay for the electricity, the heat, the staff, etc., regardless if all rooms are filled or not. If a restaurant has an empty seat, that is perishable inventory that is going to waste. Offering your goods and services on trade allows for your business to fill that empty room, table, or time-slot.
  1. Enhance Employee Benefits
    Employee recognition is a great way to increase moral within the workplace. Treat your employees by giving them the Gift of Trade! Dental, optical and chiropractic care are examples of services available within our barter network that employers are using to offer their employees! This is a great way to save cash, while offer benefits to employees that you may not have been able to afford if paying cash. New England Trade, Inc. also offers an employee program where you share your earned trade dollars with your staff – whether it be as a bonus, an incentive, or a simple ‘thank you’ for doing a great job. Also, our Annual Barter Expo is a great way to treat employees to a night of shopping. With re-loadable gift cards, your employees may attend the event and shop the night away. This is a great alternative to a holiday bonus – your employees will be happy, and your business is saving cash!
  1. Expand Your Advertising Potential
    Attract new cash customers by advertising on trade! Promote your business on the radio, on a billboard, or even in a well-known magazine and increase your reach to the masses. Conserve your cash by using your Trade dollars, while your competitors will have to use cash out of pocket to compete with your advertising efforts.
  1. Increase Buying and Selling Opportunities
    It is a proven fact that members of a barter exchange are able to increase their buying and selling power. Through this alternative currency, members have been able to take advantage of more opportunities and offers that they would not have had the ability to do if it was not on trade. An alternative currency, Trade dollars are a way for your to maximize your purchasing and spending abilities within a large network of business owners just like you!

To learn more about New England Trade, Inc. please visit our website, or call us at 781-388-9200. New England Trade, Inc. – the Ultimate Business Network!