From temples or wats and shrines to snowy mountains, glittering locations and beautiful beaches, Japan’s heart-achingly affectionate charm competition the romance of Paris, Rome or Venice. It has perfect for couples who consume a modern take on old-world customs, or for many who prefer a spirited, cosmopolitan environment where fluorescents lights and music pulse all night long.

Tokyo might not be the earliest place that comes to mind when considering romantic places in the japanese, but this town is a heart-racing urban palmeral. From Michelin-starred eating places soaring more than traditional cafes to gilded towers and skyline views, Tokyo is a city to see in all its glory.,_2010.jpg

For a more personal experience, head to Kyoto—the capital of historic Asia that Scarlett Johansson frequented in Misplaced in Translation. This ethnic capital is filled with you, 600 temples and shrines which have been both awe-inspiring and utterly romantic.

If you want to perform something out of the ordinary using your date, consider getting a helicopter ride over the metropolis at night. It’s a little bit pricey, but it surely will give you some incredible views of the twinkling lamps below.

For lovers who all enjoy getting outdoors, Hokkaido is a must-visit destination for your journey to Asia. It’s the northernmost isle sexy japanese girls with rugged mountains and jungles, and a hectic diary of winter activities which include skiing and snowboarding. It has also home to several “love shrines, ” small sacred areas where you can produce a wish and stroke the turtle stone to knit the soul mutually forever.