Our Purpose


We exist to enrich the lives and businesses of our communities.


Our Manifesto

BizX is more than a company. BizX is an idea and a network.  A gathering of smart business owners with a common purpose – to upgrade their businesses and lives through the power of trade. The BizX team exists to fuel that trade, to enable businesses like yours to unlock their full potential. BizX is a collaboration.

BizX is more than a currency. The BizX dollar contains the blood and sweat, the aspirations and successes of thousands of entrepreneurs like you. Through this trusted corporate barter currency, otherwise empty seats, un-billed hours, and empty billboards, can be used to barter for the goods and services you need. BizX corporate barter companies offer significant and concrete value.

BizX cannot be owned. BizX belongs to its members, each leveraging the strength of this vast corporate barter network of like-minded networkers, working successfully against the odds and thriving. BizX members understand the power of collective, the volume of the crowd, the opportunities in the Sharing Economy. BizX is your economy.

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We are in this together, for each other. We are the trusted corporate barter business within communities across the US .

We are BizX.