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Start increasing your sales and improving your cash flow now, by signing up with New England Trade! Download and fill out our application below with your business information. We will review the application and contact you shortly to activate your membership status.

New Account Introduction

Thank you for your interest in opening a New England Trade Barter account. The process takes only a few minutes to complete.

To complete the account application form you will need to have your :

Tax ID Number & a Major Credit Card

Step 1 - Send Us A Copy

Download and then fill-out the registration page where you will create your new Trade Account. Forward the completed form by email to New England Trade, Inc., fax it to 781-321-4443 or mail to:
New England Trade, Inc.
926 Eastern Avenue, Malden, MA 02148-6031

Step 2 - Receive Confirmation

After your account is approved, a New England Trade representative will contact you, confirm your account information, and send you the New England Trade Welcome package in the mail.
If you have any questions please call (781) 388-9200.

Statement of Fees
For a complete list of all fees applicable to an account, see Statement of Fees

Joining Membership Fee:

Varies By Membership Plan

Monthly Maintenance:

$15.00 cash and $15.00 trade

Trading Commissions:

7.5% on all transactions

Membership Fees

New England Trade is a commissioned sales force for your company. We bring you new business through the exchange and earn our commission on that business through transaction fees. If we don't perform, no transaction fees are due. In addition, when we bring you new business, you generate Trade Dollars that you can use to offset cash expenses.

Membership also includes the promotion of your company to other exchange members and our reciprocal partners, both national and international. We host networking events and publish member communications in an effort to increase your sales, market share and cash flow.