Join In On The Action – Be Added To The Barter App!

Last week, the newest version of New England Trade, Inc.’s Barter App was released. On the app, members that are displayed have agreed to accept form of payment for their goods & services via the New England Trade, Inc. membership card and gift card. Since the launch, New England Trade, Inc. Members Weller Carpets in Norwood, MA, and Russo Tux Shop in Stoneham, MA have joined the app!

An additional payment method and promotional tool, the Barter App will help increase your trading opportunities! By accepting a membership card or gift card as form of payment, there are multiple ways for you to put through a trade transaction.

Generate an authorization by:

  • Using the Authorization function on the app;
  • Visit;
  • Call automated 24/7 line at 888-784-4888; or
  • Call the New England Trade, Inc. office between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday at 781-388-9200.

It does not stop there! An additional feature on the app is a Virtual Card. View your membership card or gift card number along with its bar code. This bar code is used in conjunction with the Authorization screen on the app, where participating sellers can simply scan the bar code to upload your information for trade transactions. Some members listed have also agreed to accept the virtual membership card and gift card as form of payment, in addition to the physical card. Please refer to each listing for details.

For more information about the Barter App or to request being listed, please contact your broker.

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