5 Ways to Authorize a Trade Transaction

Within the past couple of years, New England Trade, Inc. has pride itself on moving the age-old tactic of barter to the modern era. With technology ever-changing, New England Trade has kept up with the growing desire for more simplistic ways of generating an authorization of trade transactions by incorporating technology.

5 Ways to Authorize a Trade Transaction:


Call Your Broker/ The New England Trade Staff

Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, call the New England Trade office at 781.388.9200 and someone will be happy to generate an authorization number for a trade transaction. Also, this is a great time to talk to your broker about any wants/needs you may have or discuss new products or service you have to offer within the Barter community.

24/7 Phone Line

Since our office is only opened during specific days/hours, there is a 800-number you may call to put through an authorization. Call 888-784-4888 at any time, on any day.


Visit www.barterauth.com and generate an authorization at any time. Bookmark this page so you will have instant access whenever you need it!

The New England Trade Barter App

Available for free on iTunes and Google Play, the Barter App allows transactions to be authorized wherever you may go. Always at the touch of your fingertips, simply open the app and input the buyer’s account number, the amount, and a short description (optional). After a quick signature from the buyer, authorize the sale and receipt will be emailed to both you and the buyer for your records!

Swipe Terminals

More and more members are installing Swipe Terminals into their locations. By doing this, members simply swipe their membership card or New England Trade gift card as form of payment. This form of payment has made the process of paying with trade just like paying with a debit card. Simple, easy, and quick – who doesn’t love that?

Want to add a swipe terminal to your location? Contact your broker for details. Best of all – terminals are free of charge!